Tailored Exercises and Toolkits with Proven and Award-Winning Methodologies 

The importance of collaborations, partnerships, and building relationships are essential for the economic development of all communities.  NCRD   has a proven "holistic approach" to increase economic development and diversity - maximizing your organization.    Offering tailored exercises and complete toolkits for your organization, community or sector - alleviating the silos, identifying assets and developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem.

Resource & Partnership Development

Organizational growth demands the development of resources and creation of new partnerships.  Identifying the right partners and developing sustainable resources is paramount for organizations to not merely survive, but thrive.  NCRDs cross-disciplinary strategic approach helps organizations drive greater impact. Leveraging your organization's existing resources, NCRD helps executive teams move to the next level.

Entrepreneurship and Ecosystem Development

Entrepreneurship is not usually a word associated with mission-driven organizations.  Yet in this day and age, never has there been a more important time to innovate and identify new opportunities.  NCRD helps partners and their teams apply an entrepreneurial mindset to re-energize teams and develop innovative programs to help drive impact. NCRD has the experience and capacity to review your organization's goals, challenges, strengths and weaknesses to determine the gaps. More importantly, NCRD then offers specific, measurable and actionable outcomes that can help make your organization's mission a reality. 

Strategic Planning

An effective, executable strategic plan is essential for all organizations.  However, many times board members and administration are too close to see the large picture.  NCRD's proven success in helping organizations align "The Team with The Theme" enables holistic implementation and commitment by all involved ensuring long-term organizational success.

Project Management

From large corporate project management offices (PMO) to small focused events, NCRD has unique experience successfully executing an array of projects.  NCRD works with partners to help identify the critical path to success for any project.  NCRD's ability to breakdown large projects into their critical components and then hold cross-disciplinary teams accountable is one of the hallmarks of our success.  NCRD helps drive mission critical projects to success. 

Facilitation & Multi-stakerholder Buy-In

Successful board meetings and multi-stakeholder events require strong facilitation skills.  Facilitation from an outside, unbiased organization is essential for participants to know that their voice is heard. Interactive, inclusive and based on your organization's culture, NCRD's facilitation team understands that multi-stakeholder buy-in can mean success or failure for a project.  NCRD's facilitation process starts before your meeting or event with agenda development, stakeholder assessments and post event analysis.

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